VistaPrint busted by Consumer Institute Of New Zealand


According to New Zealand Consumer Institute, a non-profit and very respectable consumer advocate, Vistaprint is cheating on its customers

Visit and you might get a good deal on business cards. But click on the wrong links and you’ll end up losing money.

Vistaprint is an international, web-based printing service.

The New Zealand website is registered in Bermuda, Vistaprint’s international headquarters.

But Vistaprint has been operating in other countries for years. And for years, dissatisfied Vistaprint customers have warned about dodgy links on the website.

A pop-up offers $10.00 off your next purchase. But if you click on it you’re really agreeing to give away $14.95 every month. Many customers don’t realise this until the credit card bill arrives.

Ripped off customers have posted many warnings on the internet. April, from North Carolina in the US, is typical.

Read more in their original post.

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