IP address change


Zetaprints will be changing its datacentre provider in the first week of June 2007.
The primary reason for moving is to consolidate all the hardware in one location closer to support and development. Our current host has been great with exceptional uptime and very helpful support services, however, we have to make this step to continue on the growth path.

DNS changes

Printers are required to set up a subdomain to unlock all Zetaprints functionality and brand the site. It has been done through setting up an A record with a host at This IP address will change as we move from one location to the other and may change again in the future when we open other data centres.

How to ensure uninterrupted operation

We recommend replacing your current A record with a CNAME records for “ZETAPRINTS.COM”. You need to contact your domain name registrar or use their web-based domain management system to do it yourself. Not every registrar has this facility , so you may need to send them an email and ask to do it manually. Use this email template:

Hello ……,

Can you please change a DNS A record or DNS redirect to for [INSERT YOUR DOMAIN/SUBDOMAIN FOR ONLINE ORDERING]
to a CNAME record with a host at “ZETAPRINTS.COM” ?
Their IP address is about to change in a few days and we need continuous operation of our online ordering facility.

Your should not notice any difference after changing from A record to CNAME. It is a purely “communication thing” transparent to the Internet user. The upside of this change is that you need to do it once only even if zetaprints.com changes its IP address again in the future.

Downtime is expected

Some downtime is expected during the switch-over, which will take place over the first weekend in June. All customers will be informed directly via email closer to the date.

No change for your customers whatsoever

Your customers will be accessing your online print ordering without any changes to the URL, login or password. The access URL will remain the same and show in the browser’s address bar just as before.

Read more about using CNAME here http://www.zytrax.com/books/dns/ch8/cname.html

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