Planned service outage


You are probably aware that Zetaprints is moving from one data center to another to accommodate growth.

There are 2 main aspects that will affect your operation:

IP address change
Please, make sure you changed your DNS record from A to CNAME as directed in the previous post or contact for more info.

Service outage over the weekend
A minor disruption will take place over the weekend.

Planned outage

During Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday you and your customers may experience the following problems:
– recent orders have disappeared from views
– image files you uploaded recently do not appear in your image collection
– some fonts you uploaded recently are missing from your fonts collection

Although unlikely, these problems may surface.


1. Avoid uploading new templates, fonts and images between Thursday and Monday.
2. Download new order files and print out order details if needed.


None of your data is going to disappear, but it may become temporarily invisible during the “house shifting”. Please, contact immediately if you notice any missing data.

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