Missing PayPal transactions


Every PayPal transaction results in one or more messages sent from PayPal directly to Zetaprints bypassing the user browser. This is a secure option to ensure that no data is being spoofed and the transaction status is genuine.

PayPal changes

Zetaprints relied on some non-documented PayPal notification service features to ensure that the messages were coming from PayPal and not some other source. In the hind sight it wasn’t a very wise decision as the non-documented features changed without warning. As a result, several transactions were listed as unpaid in Zetaprints when, in fact, they were paid in full.

Temporary patch

We made some quick changes to the way PayPal notifications are handled, but cannot guarantee that all of them will be processed correctly. It is possible that some orders will remain listed as unpaid. A proper update will take place within 48 hours. In the meantime, please, check your unpaid orders folder and PayPal transactions manually for any discrepancies.

We apologise for the inconvenience and are working over the weekend to update the system.

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