Important workflow changes


An update has just been applied. No interruption to the service was noticed. There were some important changes included with the update. Please, read to the end.

Order approval

Users can no longer approve their own orders if there is a nominated approval person for that catalog. An approval person can be set/removed through Modify catalog details. Orders can be approved by the approval person or moved to in print by the printer.
Any users can place an order on hold before it goes in print and approve them later if there is no nominated approval person.

Use of Java Scripting

ZetaPrints began cautious introduction of Java Scripting as part of the workflow. The reason we are not rushing into making the website “sing and dance” as all popular websites do these days is purely practical – to get you more orders. Java Script and Flash technologies are often disabled in corporate environments. We cannot afford to discriminate your customers on the basis of technology they are using.
Introduction of Java Scripting is purely complimentary to improve user experience. Any user with Java Scripting disabled will still be able to place an order without any hindrance.

Parallel order processing

Only one template can be in preview generation or initial processing at a time per user. Users that try to update previews for more than one template at a time will notice that only the last one completes successfully. All the previous ones get canceled with a message as on the image below:
A user would not need to work with more than one template at time under normal circumstances.

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