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The weekend night is only some hours away. Have you made your plans?
For those heading to the pub on Fri night we have something special in store – a set of customisable beer labels.

The Beer Label Builder

Special welcome to our new customer www.beerlabelbuilder.com. They will print your own personal beer labels. Stick them on your own produce or over that Heineken label.

In fact we have no idea who those guys are apart from their email address, but their templates rock. We like when people come up with all these great new ideas and even so when the ideas are fun. Well done, Beer Guys! We are placing a few orders now …

On a serious note …

An update to some of the ZetaPrints web-to-print workflow is coming in a few hours. A small disruption to the ordering process is possible, but is not expected to be more than a few minutes. We will try keep it to the minimum. Please, email support@zetaprints.com with any issues that may arise after the update.

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