Important: Pricing changes


No, ZetaPrints web-to-print pricing has not changed, but you have to use a slightly different syntax when specifying prices for your customers.

This change affects only printers that collect payments online.

Read more in the new help section.

More flexibility, discounts and surcharges

Prices can be placed anywhere within the quantity description line as long as they are enclosed in [square brackets] with the currency symbol outside.

You can now specify fixed price or percentage discounts and surcharges in Options. E.g. UV coating – add [10%]. The total order price will be calculated based on the options and quantities selected by the customer.

Existing pricing is unaffected

Your existing pricing is not affected until you save template details again. Please, take case to change the syntax next time you update template details.

Read full help article on how to set up prices and discounts.

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