Promote your printing business


Zetaprints has recently made changes to its consumer website and added major new features for promoting its customers and design community.

Global printer directory

ZetaPrints customers holding a printer-type account should go to My details and describe their business using keywords (tags) and choose if they want to be advertised as a printing business (e.g. a commercial printer) or a publisher (e.g. newspapers, newsletters, magazines, etc), or both.
The keywords will be used to help users find the right printer / publisher.
Read more about tagging in a help article.

Featured printers

A random pick of printers with good reputation is shown on ZetaPrints homepage as Featured Printers.
This is an automatically generated list. There are no personal preferences or paid placements.

New quoting service

Customers can not only find printers / publishers, but also request quotes. It’s a simple and straightforward process that will be improved as we go along. Your feedback is crucial in making it better.
For a more detailed explanation watch a Flash demo.

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