Christmas cards for corporates


One of our entrepreneurial printers kindly agreed to share his great marketing idea that works really well.

Free Christmas cards offer

His sales approached several mid-size businesses and offered them to set up Christmas card templates with their branding and print a certain number of them for free. Some bit the bullet and agreed. All they pay is the postage.

The template

One templates has the corporate branding, a standard message from the CEO to the customers and a place for an employee to put the name, address and a custom message to a particular customer. There are only 5 cards in a template. It is easy enough to fill in the forms as there are only 4 fields per page and the front side is not changing. They show the front page only once in the preview template (6 pages), but the printing one has the proper printing layout (one A3 page).


They send the PDFs directly to their hot folder and the rest is automated, including cutting, creasing and folding, but they do stuff the envelopes by hand.

The catch

It is a great way to get the customer hooked on the convenience of online ordering. Our printer already has just under 100 of their employees registered in the system and accessing catalogs with other branded products. A small investment in printing the cards for free will hopefully go a long way to bring much more business later in the new year.

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