New URLs


User friendly URLs

Did you notice that some URLs for your web-to-print catalogs and templates changed?
The difference is noticeable in public access catalogs. Instead of long IDs our web-to-print system imitates static page URLs in a format http://your-domain/catalog-name/template-name.htm

Why would you care?

Because search engines love them and we see some amazing results with our web-to-print products making it to the first page on their key searches within just a few weeks!
More to this – they even have a page rank with Google, which is very unusual for this type of content.

How to make it even better

Go to quality websites that are relevant to the products you offer and try to get a direct link to either your website, a catalog or individual web-to-print templates.

How to make it worse

Using link farms, spammy directories, spam, paid links or any other questionable tactics may land you in hot water and see your domain removed from search engines altogether.

Current issues

We are still ironing our a few issues and your customers may get an occasional 404 error on perfectly valid URLs. Please, let us know immediately if it comes to your attention.

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