Google is your friend


Some suggest to the contrary, but getting your web to print products on the first page in search engines is the cheapest way to get more traffic.

How to get on the first page

First of all, do not go to any SEOs. If you want a snake oil recipe we’ll give you one for free.
Filling your web to print catalogs with content and linking to them from other good websites is the way to go.

Get real

Talking about getting found is only relevant in a context of keywords. What would your customer type into a search engine?
For example you sell “business cards”. Tough luck. There are already established players with catalogs much larger than yours. Google has approximately 60mln pages for anyone searching for “business cards“. Your chance is slim, but hard work may get you there over time.

Find a niche for your web-to-print

A search for “business cards plumber” returns only 160,000 pages. You’ve got a real good chance of landing on the first page there.

Target locals

What is your geographical area? Do you want to be found by anyone from anywhere? Probably not. A search for business cards on Google Australia has only 345,000 pages. You still have a chance of getting close to the top.

What you need

  1. Lots of web to print designs
  2. Tags for every web-to-print design
  3. Comments for every web to print design
  4. Links from other good websites to your web to print catalogs and templates
  5. Google Analytics account
  6. A bit of patience

More in the coming posts.

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