PayPal issues and another upgrade


We were alerted by several customers that some paid orders are sitting in “unpaid”.
It appears we didn’t get notifications from PayPal. Not really blaming them for this as it could be a communication problem or something at our end.

Please, check your recent payments for any “orphans” and try to match to unpaid orders. Email with OrderID and PayPal transaction ID.

Changes coming to payments system today

We are making changes to how users make payments:

  • PayPal will open in the same window, not in a new one
  • All PayPal transactions will be recorded in the order details, including REFUNDED, PENDING, etc.
  • Users should see the transaction status by the time they return back to the site from PayPal

Payments from printers

Your home page will change from the dashboard to BILLING if you have outstanding invoices from ZetaPrints. The system may pop up the BILLING page at random if your payment is outstanding for more than 20 days. Please, contact us if you think your account should not be charged or if the billing is incorrect.
Alternative payment methods are available, but the BILLING page may still pop up until the payment is cleared.

Trial users

Trial customers still get billed, but we will wave the fees if you contact us. There is no time limit to the trial period. We consider it over when you start taking real orders.

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