New features: User managerment and Payments


Download and analyze list of users

Lists of web-to-print users can be downloaded as an MS Excel file from Users page of a catalog or printer’s homepage. Read more in this help article.
web-to-print help

Payment transactions

All payment notifications for your web-to-print products are now captured and displayed in order details, including declined, refunded and pending payments.


Payment process

Users are taken away from the site where they placed the order to PayPal to make a payment in the same browser window. It used to open a new window.
Users can click on RETURN TO MERCHANT link in PayPal to return at any time. However, we expect some users to feel lost because the link is not very obvious. They can still step back in the browser.
Once a payment is processed the user clicks on a highly visible RETURN TO MERCHANT button and is taken back to the order page.
It takes some time for PayPal to process the payment and send a notification to ZetaPrints and the user may return before the notification arrives. I this case they will still see PAY NOW button, which may also be a bit confusing. The order page uses a background script to check the status and remove the button as soon as the payment is confirmed.
The button will disappear as soon as a notification arrives regardless of the transaction outcome. E.g. if the transaction was declined the user cannot make another payment and have to arrange it with you directly or re-order. Most of declined transactions are fraud anyway.

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