Web-to-print website for $5


How much would it cost to build a web-to-print website where customers can design products online?


This type of interactive websites is usually built using Adobe Flash. Users can interact with the design as it was a desktop application. It’s nothing like using Photoshop, CorelDRAW or Illustrator, but the basic design manipulation features are there.

How to install it

Download the script and read the installation instructions.

You need a website where to place it.

Ask a web designer or a site admin to help you with the installation if this is all too technical for you.

More than a fancy toy

This script can be more than a fancy toy if you install a PDF generation add-on and provide a good library or background images.
The major problem with “design it online” sites is that users who can produce a design already have all the tools they need on their computer. Your site needs to provide sufficient value through catchy images to offset the hassle for those who don’t have the designer streak.

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