Development resumed


Sorry, we had a break. All web-to-print development was stopped due to loss of direction in the team. Now we are back on track with renewed energy and clear goals. Web-to-print rocks!

User registration improved

Users registered by printers are expected to click on the link and enter their details themselves.

Printers can enter new user profiles and type in their details, including passwords. Despite that, new users were still required to click on the link to log in. It was an unnecessary step, now removed.

Transparent images

Transparent images were handled inconsistently by our web-to-print software resulting in loss of transparency in most cases. It has been fixed in the latest update. Some minor issues still remain:

  • TIFF and GIF files may appear on the screen differently as thumbnails. There is a colour shift in the palette for indexed colour.
  • TIFF files with ZIP compression are rejected. However, ZIP layer compression is OK.

There are many flavours of PNG, GIF and TIFF files when it comes to transparency handling. Check before using them in your image libraries and let us know if something does work as expected.

WMF files are not allowed

Sorry, not any more. There were too many security issues with them and they are not used that widely to be of a concern.

More changes to come

You will see more changes to our web-to-print user interface in the coming days. They will be deployed one by one and your feedback sought before moving further.

1. Changes to the page layout – cleaner, more space

2. Changes to uploaded files handling – cropping, rotating, resizing, deleting, etc.

3. More interactivity – scripting and asynchronous processing will be added here and there

2 Responses to “Development resumed”

  1. Phil Wesley-Brown Says:

    Hi Max

    Just reading your last post re “development back on”

    Glad to see the development is still active, as expressed I am keen to see your solution thrive.

    I’ve had many years experience within the print and fulfillment industry and really like your efforts and systems.


  2. Dwane Says:

    Hey guys,

    That is very exciting news! Yes “web-to-print” rocks. More specifically Zetaprints rocks!

    Kudos on the user management feature. We like to make it easy for customers by registering for them. That’s a great feature!

    Exciting to hear about transparency features. I’ll have to begin testing it! The upcoming Cropping, resizing features is also very exciting….Keep up the VERY-COOL work!

    Um, you guys rock…

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