Field editing


Fresh from the web-to-print mill – field editing.

Before you proceed, click Home and then click REFRESH in your browser to get the latest style sheet, if you haven’t got one yet.

This change affects Printers and Designers only. The end users do not have access to the same screens.

Go to the preview page and click on the field name

web-to-print field editing

The form expands and opens a sub-form as in this screen grab.

You can:

  • Change the field name
  • Add a hint that shows under the input control when the user clicks on it.
  • Change single line text boxes into multiline and vice versa
  • Force case
  • Limit min/max length
  • Limit user input (characters)
  • Re-format phone numbers
  • Provide a list of values for a drop-down

Click Close to leave the fields untouched or Save to apply changes.

web-to-print field editing 2

The only user change is the hint showing under the input field where you provided one.

web to print fields 3

Roundtrip of name changes

Changing a name using this screen does not affect the template, yet. We may add the roundtrip change later on so that changes through this screen edit the template as well.

Missing bits

Oops … we had to roll back ALLOW, DISALLOW and PHONE NUMBER FORMATTING  due to a compatibility conflict. A fix is expected in a day or two. No good. :-(

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