Job sheets


Some of our printers had difficulties mathcing jobs in production because they use paper based workflow, not a fully automated one. We added a new feature to help with the job sheets.

Every order details page has a new link Show fields

web-to-print order details

Clicking on it shows a table with all the texts the user entered into the template. The texts show as a single line truncated to 50 characters. Click on the texts to show full and formatted input.

web-to-print job sheet screen with details

When you print the page it hides all unnecessary element and shows the table with user input. Your production staff can match what is being printed with what was entered by the user.

printed web-to-print job sheet screen

You can also use the texts from the table for any re-ordering or corrections you need to do on behalf of the user.Make sure you get formatted values, though.

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