Long time no news


Sorry, there hasn’t been an update to the site for quite a while. All new features are held up by the infrastructure upgrade we are working on at the moment. We should be finished mid-next week and will roll out lots of new stuff in the following days.

Our help site got a small re-vamp and lots of new posts. Check out these cool web-to-print design ideas. They may come handy if you are not in that strict branded corporate design world.

The traffic to customers’ sites and to zetaprints.com has slumped in the last few days, while there was no change to the overall internet traffic. Out brief research shows people are busy watching news, live presidential debate and other stress-inducing events. They just don’t feel like buying. A quick poll amongst other friendly e-commerce websites proved it’s not just us. It’s bouncing back slowly, though.

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