Address structure


Delivery addresses can now be structured for better data quality and address validation.

Simple structure

The simple structure is just what it always was – a single text box for the whole address. It’s easy for users. They don’t need to hop from one field to another, nor they have problems with unusual addresses.

The simple structure is the default option. There has been no changes to any of your existing catalogs.

Structured address

A structured address has a country dorp-down and sate drop-down for some countries. This is a good option if you want to import delivery addresses into your workflow application or accounting system. Read more.

Address validation

We are looking at options to add address validation for different countries. Contact us if you want one. We are talking to several providers of global address validation solutions to get the best deal for you. At this stage we will probably limit our role to providing an API that you will need to utilise and connect to the chosen validation provider using your own set-up. We need more input on this. Please, give us your ideas and requirements.

One Response to “Address structure”

  1. Dwane Says:

    Thanks for the new features guys! in regards to address validation, I’ve heard Clayton Makepeace (internet marketor/Copy writer) say not to bother with them. They can do more harm then good. He said that basically people know how to enter their own details in correctly.

    They do it all the time online. Remember it off the top of their head. So by introducing validation it can actually prevent sales, when they have an unusual address like “corner of huxton Ave and Boulevard road” where there’s no number.

    Direct marketers still have difficulties with a small percentage of addresses which don’t fit in the rigid characterisation of validation.

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