Our web-to-print software is due for a system upgrade. The whole cluster must be stopped for some time. Hopefully it will be seconds and no one notices. Most likely it will be minutes. We’ll keep you posted here.

ZetaPrints web-to-print system is fully hosted and runs on multiple servers (a cluster). The servers all talk to each to other about the state of cluster and to know who’s where and who’s got what. The piece of code that holds them together needs to be stopped. Once it happens they cannot communicate and the data will get out of sync pretty quickly. It’s safer to stop the whole cluster.

NZ, AU, HK and West Europe are not high users at the moment. Eastern Europe and Moscow web-to-print site are likely to be affected most. Sorry guys.


The site is back to normal. Took us 30 minutes. Should have been faster. There was a tiny difference between staging and production environments and the change-over script failed.

Minor performance problems are quite possible until the servers figure out who’s who and get all in sync. Let us know if you experience any noticeable delays.

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