New API developments


We spent quite a bit of time adding more API features in the last few weeks. Several customers are building their custom web-to-print portals using ZetaPrints only in updating templates and generating output parts of their workflow. They manage their own users, orders and payments, but on the upside they get a total freedom of website design and workflow.

We are looking at integrating with an open source Magneto e-Commerce application. It’s a relatively new player in e-commerce field, but gaining popularity rapidly. Integration with other e-commerce software like Joomla or os-Commerce is on the cards, but won’t proceed unless someone requests it.  Our all-time favorite WordPress is not a good fit at this level. WordPress  is  a Content Management System, not an e-Commerce one.

If you think our interface sucks, but still would like to use the power of our back end it’s time to email and start working on a Magneto implementation. We will provide all necessary extensions and integration, but you have to make the portal work for you using your own resources.
What you get in the end will be a highly specialized web-to-print portal doing exactly what you need the way you need.

More about API

What you can do with our web-to-print API falls into several categories.

  • View list of orders as XML
  • View order details as XML
  • Generate output files from saved orders
  • View list of templates per catalog as XML
  • View template details as XML
  • Dynamically generate previews by submitting data directly into ZetaPrints API
  • Show ZetaPrints in an IFRAME (with or without top and left menus or the order form)
  • Register new users
  • Grant / deny user access to catalogs
  • Resize preview and photo-thumbnails images on the fly
  • Log users in on referral (for IFRAME implementation )

Altogether, these interfaces allow full control needed to run a custom web-to-print portal using some other platform and tap into our powerful web-to-print engine.

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  1. juro Says:

    This info is outdated. We don’t support the IFRAME feature any more.

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