Large files may be blocked


ZetaPrints web-to-print has no limit on order file size. We noticed that some templates produce unnecessarily large files. For example an invitation card comes as a 110MB download.

Please, keep an eye on the file size while downloading and fix any templates producing excessively large files. We will introduce a filter to temporarily block such orders, but would prefer you to take action first.

Email to get help with reducing file sizes.

Once the filter is in place it will block downloading any files larger than a certain size (probably 20MB per A4 page). You will be able to fix the template, regenerate the output files and then download what comes out of it.

Some designs cannot be reduced in size because of all sorts of reasons. We’d like to see them and understand your requirements.  If you need it that large then no problem. It’s the post-card size designs 50MB each that worry us.

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