Web-to-print interface changes tomorrow


We’ve been stuck with some new features for the last 2 weeks. Things piled up and the update got much bigger than we expected. Usually, the updates are small to minimize the impact. This time it’s going to be noticeable.

The roll-out will start on Tue evening, Australia EST time zone or GMT +10. Some downtime is possible if we need to restart the cluster.

Web-to-print preview page changes

  • Tabbed interface to bring description, prices, options, checkout, links, etc into a single manageable group.
  • Image fields get tabs as well to allow image uploading, stock photos, composite orders (use previous orders as images).
  • A color picker (RGB and CMYK) for image fields.
  • Checkout form has moved to the top.

Image management page

Additional field properties to allow a combination of user images, stock photos, color picker, etc.

Order list

An interactive calendar to pick dates instead of entering in the search form.

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