Colour picker, image tabs and more


Our web-to-print interface got an update. More in web-to-print help.

Preview and ordering pages

The tabs at the top have most of additional info about the product.

The checkout form is always at the top.

Image fields have tabs for uploading new files, image library, stock photos and color picker.

Save order is a tab now with Comments and Reference fields.

Image fields page

A new section was added to manage image fields within the admin interface. You can control what tabs are enabled per field.

Order list page

Dates from / to can be selected from a pop-up calendar.

Skin problems

Not all skins look nice with the new page elements on preview pages. Send us screenshots with problematic pages.

Bugs and design flaws

Please, tell us of any problems ASAP. We are still working on a few minor mishaps, but could miss a few more. You feedback on the new layout is appreciated.

More to come

Image downloading from the Internet – currently disabled, but users will be able to enter a URL of some image, may be on Flickr or some other website instead of uploading one.

Composite orders – one more tab will be added for orders in every image field so you can use an order as an image and build complex templates from bits and pieces.

Image cropping/resizing right in My images tab.

Asynchronous image uploading and the image fields will be moved to the top of the page. Users start uploading images and move onto entering text while images are uploaded. This may be some while away. We want to see if this re-design actually works better than the old one.

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