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We have a number of open source projects on the go. They are tools built around ZetaPrints web-to-print API to help you get more than what we can offer through our standard web-to-print interface. Your feedback and ideas are highly appreciated.


You can look at it as an Embeddable ZetaPrints.  Try it out.

The original idea was to provide a simple interface for little fun things like sending e-cards online or preparing an email signature. It turned out that this plugin can be used to embed web-to-print and image generation into any other website.

The plugin is still under development. This is early days. It cannot upload files or place orders, but it will soon.

Project location:

Magento integration

The sad realisation we cannot satisfy all web-to-print and image generation customers with a single interface is depressingly demoralizing to the great SaaS promise.  :)

Don’t like the way we look ? Don’t like our workflow, content of our emails, whatever else?

No worries! Create a Magento store. Configure it the way you want. Install the extension we are developing and show ZetaPrints web-to-print in an IFRAME or using the e-cards plugin as an embeddable Flash. You will still upload and manage templates within ZetaPrints environment, but the rest will be done by Magento.

Although Magento and our extension for it are open source there will be cost involved to get a fully functional store up and running. Everything needs to be installed, configured, hosted, updated, etc. It may range between few hundred and a few thousand dollars, plus the regular maintenance costs.

Project location:

Order manager

This desktop application downloads all your orders to your local machine, puts them in a local database and lets you manipulate them the way you want.

The application is written in C# and runs on Windows. It is still full of bugs and is not very user friendly. We are working on making usable.

Feel free to use it as a starting point for your own download manager. For example, your version my download orders automatically and route files directly to hot folders depending on certain criteria.

Project location:

OpenX plugin

OpenX is up and coming ad manager. It is open source and we created a simple plugin that connects OpenX banner interface with ZetaPrints image generation API.

If you happen to run a banner campaign and don’t quite have that banner file yet you can always jump to ZetaPrints make one from a template. You know, takes seconds. The plugin puts the banner into OpenX database automatically and don’t need to upload anything at all.

Watch this demo to see it in action.

Project location:

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