Color picker is back


We now have two web-to-print interfaces: original and new.

The new web-to-print interface is where all new features will be added. The original one will stay as is and may be decomissioned at some later date if no one is using it seriously.

Go to Branding/Page layout and choose New if you want to use the new tabbed interface and a color picker.

We had a few complaints about the new interface at the last attempt to launch it. Some more thought was put into the redesign and hopefully we got it right.

Please, do tell us if there are still problems with the new one. You can always switch back to the original web-to-print interface if the new one doesn’t work for you.

The current state of the ordering page is temporary.  The page will morth into something like the one below with async file uploading. Click on it for full size view.

new web-to-print

new web-to-print

Update: a help post was published for use of our web-to-print color picker.  There are 2 problems with the color picker as it is now.

  • you may need to click twice on the colored box to open it
  • CMYK colors show incorrectly

We are working on fixing them.

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