IMPORTANT: wrong files generated !!!


We had a major-major bug introduced on Friday.  It resulted in hundreds of web-to-print orders generated incorrectly.

Affected orders: Saved web-to-print orders where users made changes after saving.

Fault: the previews are correct, but the output files contain the data from the saved order before it was changed.

Action required: check all orders paced between Friday 1/05 and Monday 4/05 and email us links to any faulty ones.

The only way to fix the orders is to manually re-enter the texts. It is our fault and we will re-key faulty orders for you as soon as you give us a list. Please, mark any urgent web-to-print orders as such and we will process them first.

We fixed the bug with a temporary solution. It is still possible for users to place an order where the preview is different from the output if the order comes from Saved.  We are working on a permanent solution. Something should be out early on Monday. Please, keep checking all orders until then.

Faulty orders will not be billed and we will provide an equal number of free orders to compensate for the inconvenience.

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