Template processing update


We released several new web-to-print features last week and another update just a few hrs ago. It was all low key because we were not sure how it would affect overall site performance.

PowerClip in groups

We had a limitation on how a web-to-print template was structured – PowerClips could not be grouped. Not any more. From now on you can group PowerClips with any other objects.

Faster template uploading

The uploading speed is going to stay the same, but the processing time may be noticeably faster for web-to-print templates with a large number of objects/curves.

Repeating images

Using the same image for more than one image field on the same page was very unreliable. This issue was fixed. Users can repeat an image any number of times you need. You can construct templates with any number of repeating images, but watch the size if the file.

Linked artistic text frames

Create 3 artistic text frames.  Format them differently. E.g. put one on a path, add perspective to the third. Name them

  • Text.1
  • Text.2
  • Text.3

upload the template.

You will see that there is only one text box and the text you enter there flows from one frame, into the second and third one.  This feature is still in a stealth mode. Please, give it a try. We need your feedback.

Per-character formatting

Create an artistic text frame. Enter some placeholder text in there and format every character differently. Name the field Text~. Note ~ at the end of the name. It tells the system to match formatting for each character individually.

Upload this web-to-print template and enter some text to test it.

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