Data clean up


We’ve been quiet on new features front in the last few weeks. The reason is the migration we will undertake some time this month from a physical data center where we kept our own servers to a virtual hosting environment in the US.

Today we are starting to clean up data so we don’t need to move all the terabytes of stale web-to-print files. The first lot to go are old orders and order files.

Every web-to-print catalog has a setting for data retention. The default for deleted web-to-print orders is 6 months. All other orders are retained for 13 months. They were never deleted. Not since some time in 2007.

Unfortunately your web-to-print site may need to be taken down for brief periods in the next 24 hrs. We picked the lowest activity time for this.

Let us know if the data we removed needs to be restored. We’ll put it into an archive for some time. It will be deleted permanently as we decommission our current servers.

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