PayFlow Pro updated


We released a WordPress plugin for PayPal’s PayFlow Pro some time ago, but it was lacking some important features. The plugin has recently been updated and is in a much more usable shape.

Read a help post, look at a demo page or download the plugin.

PayFlow Pro allows you take credit card details right on your website without sending the user to PayPal. One of the benefits is less paranoid processing security. The hosted PayPal payments page is too restrictive and will decline many legitimate card holders. PayFlow lets you adjust the level of risk you are willing to take.


  • more payments accepted
  • users are not spooked by being sent to PayPal
  • more control over payments


  • SSL certificate, WP site, other technology hassles
  • increased hacking risk

The plugin does not store any card details, but if someone hacks into your WP they may still intercept all the card details by hacking the plugin’s code.

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