Web-to-print skins updated


We updated most of our free web-to-print skins.


  • Fixed some bugs and inconsistencies in the UI.
  • Changed the emphasis of controls to make it easier for users to navigate.

The old skins that some of you are using remain unchanged. There will be no update to those files. All the updated skins are sitting in a new location. You have 3 options:

  • Keep using your current skin as is. No action required.
  • Switch to the new skin and get automatic updates. Go to http://www.zetaprints.com/help/category/skins/, choose a skin and grab the new files location.
  • Grab skin files, place them on your own web server and make changes as you wish. Download ZIP files or check out of SVN.

The new skins will be constantly updated at their new location. We are looking forward to your feedback on what should be changed to make them better.

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