Planned disruption this weekend


Have you changed your web-to-print portal DNS record to a CNAME?

Change it now or contact us for help.

New data center

We are switching to a new data center some time this weekend. Tests are under way right now. Once we are happy and most of the data is synchronized we will change the IP address on and your web-to-print site will be running off the new location.

A smooth ride is NOT expected. It’s quite possible we will need to switch back if the new hosting is not working to the plan.

Every switch means a bit of lost data. Although we will automatically synchronize both locations it takes minutes or even hours for all the new files to transfer.

Possible web-to-print data loss

Do not upload new templates until an announcement is made that we have moved, if you can wait. If the template can’t wait it’s not a big deal to upload. Just be aware it may disappear for some time if it ended up on a wrong server until it is found and placed where it should be. Please, let us know if you are missing any orders, images or templates on Monday.

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