Lights off: site on the move


We are switching over from one host to the other right now. Your web-to-print portal is on the move.

The old web-to-print site displays a temporary page informing visitors why the site is down.

Once the new web-to-print site is up and the DNS has been updated you should continue using it as nothing happened.

Anyone accessing the old web-to-print site will be redirected to a page explaining how to update their DNS settings.

Check if any web-to-print files are missing after the switch-over.

Update: the site is up and running at the new location.

4 Responses to “Lights off: site on the move”

  1. admin Says:

    Site switched off: 08:00 GMT

  2. admin Says:

    08:25 GMT – DB backup is being restored at the new location.

  3. admin Says:

    08:30 GMT – DB restored, re-synchronizing multiple DB instances

  4. admin Says:

    08:47 GMT – It’s back online. Damage control, integrity checks, performance tuning.

    The site will be stumbling in the next few hours. Please, let us know if there are any persistent problems, missing files or broken templates.

    Images and templates uploaded today are being downloaded. It will take 2 – 3 hrs to complete.

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