Corporate web-to-print portals with Magento


We released a beta version of an access control extension for Magento.

Magento Community edition (the free one) has no access control. It’s a feature of their Enterprise edition, which costs money. We created a simple extension that allows access control at a basic level, but it should do the job for small portals. Please, give it a try.

Web-to-print extension update

We also released a stable update for our web-to-print extension for Magento. It went through a dozen of betas and has many bugs fixed, plus many new features. It’s really shaping up now. Image uploading and basic editing features are in the works. We planned to release them couple of weeks ago, but the festive season got on the way.

You need to update the XML in data import and product creation profiles for the latest upgrade to work correctly. See the latest help for web-to-print extension.

Problems with emails

We are having problems with many emails not being delivered. It is a complex issue with some of it beyond our control. We are trying to find altenatives, but it may take another 24 hrs.

Would you like notifications about new web-to-print orders to arrive as text messages to your cellphone via Twitter? Flick us an email and we’ll set you up.

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