Image editing API for web-to-print


We released a beta version of some image management and image editing functions for our web-to-print API.

There is not much at the moment:

  • get list of images
  • get image details
  • upload new
  • delete
  • crop
  • rotate
  • edit title

Some other functions are in stealth mode and will be released soon:

  • copy to different folder
  • move to different folder

We want to add a few filters to the mix, e.g. grayscale,  sepia, watercolor, etc. Need your input on what you think will be popular with your web-to-print customers. Your suggestion on what you think is a good implementation of this functionality are very welcome.

Web-to-print image editing will appear in our Magento web-to-print plugin first and then will be transferred to the core user interface. This is work in progress at the moment.

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