User registration changes


We made some changes to how users are registered in web-to-print portals. It may not appear as a big change on the outside, but we had to make some major changes in the back end to enable it. Still work in progress as we need to add some more convenience features to the process.

Email confirmation is not required

A user can register beforehand, during or after ordering. The user can leave the site, come back and log in without clicking on the confirmation link. The email will be marked as unconfirmed. The user is reminded to confirm it.

We hope it will make life a bit easier in cases where confirmation emails do not reach users or end up in junk mail.

User ownership

If a printer adds a user and the email status is unconfirmed the user can only access corporate catalogs by domain name within the web-to-print portal of the printer that created the user. Once the email is confirmed the user can access such catalogs on any other ZP web-to-print portal. This change may affect printers running several web-to-print portals as different accounts and share users between them.


We won’t be surprised if we missed a thing or two with this registration change. Please, let us know ASAP if you spot anything unusual.

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