Magento web-to-print image uploading


We toyed for a while with image uploading in our Magento web-to-print extension. It was working so-so for some weeks, but now it progressed to a stable build.

There was a number of improvements in the admin area and web-to-print data import as well.

Add our Magento access control extension and it comes together into a neat corporate web-to-print portal with you in control of the presentation and workflow.

We are working on image editing and approval process at the moment.

Help with setting up

Unfortunately we can help only so much with setting up and configuring a Magento web-to-print store. There was a number of successful installations and the freelance developers that did it will be happy to help you too. The cost is likely to be much lower than hiring a web development company. Send us an email and we’ll put you in touch with someone.

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