Magento for web-to-print


We released a stable version of web–to-print extension for Magento 1.4. Lots of new web-to-print features.

New web-to-print features

It is fully compatible with the new Magento release and has a log of new features. Image editing is one of them. Images cannot be moved yet, but they can be cropped and rotated right on the previews page.

Web-to-print in your language

Magento itself can be run in many languages. All popular ones have already been translated to. Our web-to-print extension can be translated as well. You can run it in German, French, you name. There are lots of translation packages ready to be downloaded and installed. Translate the web-to-print part and it will be all in your language.

Web-to-print extension is ahead of ZP

In some respect, our Magento extension is more advanced than the standard ZetaPrints web-to-print interface. It is definitely better suited for applications where the visual part of the interface is more important than its simplicity.

Do you want to migrate?

Anyone looking at customization of your web-to-print portal should seriously look into our Magento web-to-print extension. We can definitely help you with setting up a Magento web-to-print site and migrating your ZP data there. Let us know if you are interested.

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