Whooops! :(


We had an outage on www.zetaprints.com. You wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t for the CSS file for web-to-print skins we keep there.

A few of customers’ web-to-print portals depend on the CSS files and refused to function. We removed the web-to-print skins from the pages, so the browser wouldn’t even try to load them for the time of the outage. As a result, your web-to-print site looked a bit boring with our default skeleton design for about an hour.

www.zetaprints.com is back online and we put the skins back onto your sites.

I’m tempted to point the finger at the hosting company. Not in this case. We could have a better back up strategy. It actually worked, but not as quick as one would hope.

Sorry :(

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