Cool web-to-print scripts


Our default web-to-print interface is a bit boring. More like a skeleton. This is why we have web-to-print skins. Have you tried them on?

Now we are testing a new release of java scripts to add some interactivity to your web-to-print too.

Go to Branding / Page layout and paste these URLs into JavaScript URLs text box (don’t forget to insert your domain name):

http://[YOUR DOMAIN NAME]/java/dev/20100707/imageEditor.js
http://[YOUR DOMAIN NAME]/java/dev/20100707/multiFileUpload.js
http://[YOUR DOMAIN NAME]/java/dev/20100707/fileUpload.js

Replace [YOUR DOMAIN NAME] with your real portal’s domain. E.g if  my web-to-print portal sits under the URL will look like this:


Web-to-print scripts explained

  • imageEditor.js – click on the image in the image library and it will bring up an interactive image editor
  • multiFileUpload.js – works on My Images page to upload multiple files
  • fileUpload.js – works on preview page to upload multiple images

It’s unlikely that old browsers like AOL will work with them. The scrips are configured to use the default ZP functionality if the browser is unsupported, so those users shouldn’t be any worse off than they are now.

We released them as open source under MIT license:

Still testing

Although we did extensive testing internally there may be some issues with some browsers some time, which is called “bugs” all the same. Let us know if you spot any.

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