Free AWS Magento image for web-to-print


Setting up Magento can be a bit of a hassle. Doing it on AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the first time is even more so. Good guys from GreenGeko made it a bit easier for all of us and released a free AWS image full of goodies with Magento already installed.

Anyone thinking of decent hosting for your Magento web-to-print site can give it a try. This is the page you get after launching the instance.


How to find it

Assuming you already have your AWS account, a ZetaPrints account and ElasticFox addon it’s relatively simple.

  1. Open ElasticFox and log in to your AWS account
  2. Click on Images tab
  3. Wait for the list to appear
  4. Type in Magento into the text box as in the screenshot below. You should see a much reduced list.
  5. Choose an image with a title resembling the one in the screenshot.
  6. Right-click on the selected image and launch an instance.
  7. Go to Instances tab and grab the public address / DNS name from the properties once the instance is running.
  8. Paste the address into your web browser.

You should see a page similar to the screen-shot above with all the details about the instance, Magento and support options.

web-to-print image

Other Magento images

There are some other Magento images, mainly by JumpBox. You can try them as well, but you are in for a bit of expense. Check them out. Could be value for money for you. We’ll stick with the free option for now.

Magento support

As much as we want to switch you to Magento we cannot assist with the installation or support of your Magento site. Our partners will be happy to help you.

Magento web-to-print

This Magento image has no pre-installed web-to-print. Follow our instructions to set up and configure your web-to-print site.

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