Web-to-print vs. email quotations


Did you get some ridiculous quotation emails recently?

This one arrived to an email address for one of our demo web-to-print sites:

My name is donnie Thomas. I would like to know if you have
banners   Available and im looking for less expensive ones you have.  Could you please let me know the prices  that are
I would be happy to make my payment by credit card if you accept them.

I await your reply,
donnie Thomas.,

It’s a “phishing email”. The purpose is to get a response as a validation there is someone at the other end. Then the floodgate opens up – they know you are there and listening. Could be worse.

Our customer made an interesting observation today that when a similar email arrived to his web-to-print site contact email it was marked as spam, but the same sales rep replied to a similar email when it arrived to the general contact email. Of course there was no order following – only more spam from all directions.

Think of it, the text does look strange, but would you want to miss on a potential order? Getting such a request through a web-to-print site where they could just place an order looks totally loony. Web-to-print does act as a filter for your sales and customer service.

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