Web-to-print advertising


Assume you have a cool web-to-print website and want to promote it. Advertising is one way. Getting links from other websites is another. We just had an offer of both. You may get one too and we want you to skip it. Here is why …

Unsolicited email

The following landed in our inbox some time ago

Sender: efxperrault@gmail.com
From: W2PI 
Subject: Invitation to visit W2PI
To: xxxxxxxxxx
To help you reach the W2P market in North America... www.Web2PrintIndex.com
Reasonable advertising rates and focused traffic.
The W2PI Team

It did look like spam, but we checked them out anyway.

Site analysis

  • Incoming links: nil
  • Traffic: nil
  • Value: nil
  • Empty promise: plenty

web-to-print-traffic1 web-to-print-traffic2

Your web to print site is not going to get any genuine traffic from them because no one visits them in the first place.

Leaving you out of pocket

Their offer is to charge you $375 for 6 months of having your homepage screenshot on their homepage. You need to pay the full amount upfront to some obscure PayPal account Web2PrintIndex@gmail.com. There is a 100% money back guarantee, but you can ask for a refund only after all 6 months run out. Rate your chances. :)

You’d better invest it into making free downlodable web to print products and promoting them yourself or getting someone to help you. $375 can buy you at least 25 good templates. By the way, if you offer freebies you can ask us to wave web to print fees on them as well. We are always happy to help promote your web to print service.

How to spot a fake

  • Check for links to their website
  • Check for traffic on Alexa.com or Compete.com
  • Look for proof of the claims they make
  • Check if the people / companies in testimonials exist
  • Ask us if in doubt

It takes less than a minute to tell if a website is a genuine offer or a fake to rip you off. This website did look genuine at first, until the numbers for traffic, links and other parameters told us a totally different story.

You have been warned :)


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