Multilingual web to print software


ZetaPrints web-to-print software supports multiple languages in the user interface and pretty much any language in the templates.

Web to print templates

The language of the templates is limited by the glyphs used in the designs. Our web-to-print software runs on Unicode and supports any valid Unicode glyphs. The same applies to field names – they can be in any language you want.

Most Western fonts support only Latin-1 and Latin-2 characters and can only be used for Latin web-to-print templates. Upload either Unicode or localized fonts to your web-to-print account and it will work in your language.

Web to print interface

ZetaPrints default interface from our fully hosted web to print package does not support multiple languages. That is, the templates and field labels can be in any language you want, but the rest of the site is in English only. We used to support German, French, Spanish, Russian and other languages there, but had to temporarily discontinue them.

We recommend using our e-commerce web to print package if you want the entire interface to be in your language. It gives you much more flexibility over the translation.

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