Web to print help is falling behind


We are falling behind with help posts to document the web to print software and updates we release. Here are the recent developments.

File uploading

Our Magento file uploading extension had file deletion added in some time ago. Here is how it works:

Fixed quantities

Magento is awesome, but you can’t sell business cards through it unless you can somehow fix the quantities customers can buy. Our Fixed Quantities extension does just that. Managing it is easy if you have a few web to print products. We added import/export functionality to it to make editing web to print prices for large number of products just as easy.

Interactive editing

We had interactive editing (in-preview editing) for some months, but it had too many issues to make it a viable option for complex templates.

Our latest web to print extension release contains a long list of fixes for that part of web-to-print.

Interactive-web-to-print1 Interactive-web-to-print1

More undocumented features

  • A mapping extension for direct marketing
  • Free text product options
  • Combo box fields
  • Virtual products
  • Field and page name translations
  • Full size previews

We are working on bringing the help up to date with what is being released. What’s good in releasing it if no one knows it’s there?


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