Web-to-print in Asia-Pacific


Web to print in South-East Asia Pacific has become a notch easier to set up thanx to an awesome Linux support company that keeps maintaining and updating free Magento AMIs on Amazon.

Free Magento AMI in Singapore

Look for ami-a81c65fa or look by owner ID 859714128294

Free Magento AMI in US East

Look for ami-b86c91d1 or look by owner ID 859714128294

Magento AMI in other zones

Contact the image owner via their Magento Hosting web page.

Web to print and other extensions

The newly updated AMI’s run Magento, mail, ftp, webmin and some other goodies to help you get started. No extensions are installed by default, but they are easy to add.

Go to the instance home page right after launch to get your access details. Follow web-to-print installation instructions, if you want our web-to-print at all. Otherwise enjoy the freebie.

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  1. admin Says:

    An important change in this release is use of domain name.
    In older releases Magento ran on a relative path which created grief in some places.

    You need to reboot the instance to make it update the domain name.

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