Printer’s storefront manuals


We started publishing our internal manuals for building Magento-based storefronts for printers and similar types of business. The manuals are used by our staff and external contractors to standardize processes. The thing is, following them is not a rocket science. One doesn’t need to be a programmer to do most of the tasks they involve:

Our first manual is for setting up a Magento server. It should be easy to follow for anyone with a bit of IT knowledge.So, if you want to do it yourself – get it cracking.

With or without web-to-print, still a storefront

The manuals revolve around our web-to-print and dynamic imaging extension for Magento, but it is actually optional. Skip the web-to-print steps and you end up with a generic storefront for selling print or print-related products and services. We hope it will help businesses to upgrade their existing storefronts and move away from often overpriced and poorly performing proprietary e-commerce systems.


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