Old user images not availalbe


We hid all pre-outage user images away from user libraries until we either get the data back from Amazon or know it’s not recoverable. There is still hope.

Missing images

Printer images

Printer and designer image libraries have all thumbnails and very few original images. If the missing images are used they come up blank on previews and in PDFs. We will either remove the missing one completely or restore them when we know the fate of the missing terabyte.

Stock images with templates

Some images are just assigned to templates and are not in any library at all. They continue to show on template / product pages, but will come up blank if the originals are missing. We will clean them up or restore together with printer and user images.

Faulty orders

There will be a fair amount of faulty orders with blank images and you may even be charged for them. Please, email us early next month with the total number of such orders. We will definitely wave the charges.



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