Color profiles for PDF generation


We had a very confused PDF generation module. It wasn’t taking into account the color profile of the web-to-print documents.  We made major changes to how it works and deployed the changes last night.

Default web-to-print color profile

All files with an embedded color profile will be processed according to the color profile. Older web-to-print files without a color profile will now be assigned the following default profile:

  • RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
  • CMYK: US Web Coated (SWOP) v2
  • Grayscale: Dot Gain 20%

You may notice some colors to be slightly off. Either let us know and we’ll fix them for you or re-upload the template file with the right color profile embedded.

New web-to-print PDF module

Templates will be processed by the new PDF module when you update and save PDF settings. Existing templates with PDF settings you haven’t changed prior to the update will be processed by the old PDF module. We recommend you take a minute and reconfigure the settings because we added several new features:

  1. Profile embedding
  2. Acrobat 9 support
  3. Text encoding

Some features were dropped (not really useful ones):

  • number of fountain steps is determined by the PDF engine
  • embedded fonts have 100% of the glyphs included

Possible problems

We tested the update on as many different templates as we could, but there may be some more that we missed. Please, get in touch ASAP if any of your PDFs get generated incorrectly. It’s a good idea to preflight them at least ones as they start coming through.

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