Non-breaking space in web-to-print documents


Text like post codes and phone numbers looks good when the whole string stays together. Using non-breaking space and non-breaking hyphen tells our web-to-print and dynamic imaging engine to replace space and hyphens in user input with non-breaking Unicode characters. This way the string stays together.

For example our Canadian and UK customers have multi-part post codes like R3L-01A for River Hights East in Manitoba.  If the web-to-print text prior to the post code pushes it over the right boundary the postcode is broken at the hyphen. Use a non-breaking space or hyphen to make entire postcode move to the next line.

This is where to find it in CorelDRAW



This is what a non-breaking space looks like in the text

Make sure you have formatting characters showing to see it. The setting is part of the same Text menu.


Experimental web-to-print feature

We will enable this setting in web-to-print field editor in addition to using the non-breaking characters in the template itself.

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